Zayn Malik Bombshell: Swedish Model Claims He Slept With Her Twice In Thailand

Swedish model Martina Olsson is coming forward with new allegations that she slept with ex-One Direction star Zayn Malik twice in Thailand last week.

Zayn Malik is engaged to Perrie Edwards of Little Mix and while on tour with One Direction last week, a photo of Zayn with Essex girl Lauren Richardson made the rounds on the Internet. As we all know by now, this started a chain reaction that ultimately led Zayn to quit 1D and start on a solo career.

It turns out that Lauren was not the only girl Zayn had fooled around with in Thailand. Martina Olsson had met Zayn the night before – he carried her to his bed whispering “I want you now” – and on the night Zayn went out with Lauren. In fact, according to Martina, Zayn “bedded” Lauren and then her on the same night.

The Sun has a really detailed account of what happened, up to a panicked e-mail exchange between Martina and One Direction security guard Alberto Alvarez.

Why is Perrie Edwards still with Zayn?

Just read all the lurid details at Tumblr. I’m feeling kinda sick right now at what Zayn has done.

Zayn Malik Bombshell- Swedish Model Claims He Slept With Her Twice In Thailand

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