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Zach Seabaugh Sings ‘Crazy Little Thing Called Love’ on The Voice 9 (VIDEO)

Zach Seabaugh sang “Crazy Little Thing Called Love” by Queen on The Voice 9 Top 10 for Team Blake Shelton on Monday, November 30, 2015!

Zach is a nice guy. He’s talented. And a lot of people find him attractive and appealing. But I just didn’t get this at all. I’ve never really bought Zach as someone who’s entirely comfortable shaking and swinging his hips, but that’s what Blake keeps having him do, rather than just letting him SING. Because, really, the guy has a voice, and could probably impress people if he got to just slow it down and show it off. He has a few really cool vocal moments towards the end, just before the pyro, that gives a peek at just what Zach might be capable of with a better song. However, these high-energy performances are doing him no real favors as a vocalist, although I bet they probably appeal to his demographic. Watch the performance video here:

Zach Seabaugh Sings 'Crazy Little Thing Called Love' on The Voice 9 (VIDEO)

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