Yahoo Lost $42 Million on ‘Community’ and other original series

Yahoo lost $42 million reviving “Community” and producing two other original series: “Sin City Saints” and “Other Space.”

During an earnings call on Tuesday, CFO Ken Goldman disclosed that the company took a $42 million charge for “Community” during the third quarter.

Looks like it’s over for Yahoo and original programming as the company had trouble monetizing the properties.

Goldman said (via Variety):

“We thought long and hard about it, and what we concluded is (for) certain of our original video (series), we couldn’t see a way to make money over time.”

“We’re not saying we’re not going to do these at all in the future. But what we are saying is, in three cases at least, it didn’t work the way we had hoped it to work, and we’ve decided to move on.”

Yahoo Lost $42 Million on 'Community' and other original series

I hate it when fans make such a huge fuss about a show being canceled and then don’t support it when it’s actually revived. #RIPCommunity

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