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X Factor UK Viewers Demand Cancellation As Honey G Makes Live Shows

Despite delivering the weakest performance at Judges’ Houses on The X Factor UK this weekend, rapper Honey G landed a spot in the live shows for Sharon Osbourne and her Over 25s category. And, needless to say, viewers were NOT happy about it.

In fact, Honey G making the live shows sent Twitter users into a downward spiral of outraged tweets that stopped just short of a full-on meltdown. In fact, some fans are calling for the show to be outright CANCELLED, according to a report by The Sun. One user in particular wrote, “And there’s the confirmation we need that #XFactor needs to end. Just stop with this utter nonsense now. #HoneyG.”

Another declared, “I think im going to boycott this years xfactor on the grounds that the judges are turning the show into laughing stock #HoneyG #deluded…”.

A third user wrote, “I have never seen so many bad decisions made in my life #Xfactor”.

X Factor UK Viewers Demand Cancellation As Honey G Makes Live Shows

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Of course, this is hardly the first time a questionable act has been put through to live shows, as previous novelty-type acts such as Wagner, John and Edward, and Blonde Electra were put through. But the outrage over Honey G’s advancement to the live shows is due, in large part, to the number of incredible talents she bumped off. She earned a spot over the vastly superior James Wilson, Christopher Peyton, Samantha Atkinson and Janet Grogan. Normally, I would say this is all subjective, but even as someone who usually loves the odd novelty act each season, I have trouble understanding what Honey G actually brings to the competition that would be better than what we’d get with any of the four singers she displaced. What’s crazy is that she wasn’t even supposed to be in this round. She was eliminated in the Six Chair Challenge, and only brought back because Ivy Grace Paredes had to withdraw from the competition due to visa issues.

The X Factor is no stranger to controversy, as it has an entire section dedicated to its outrages on the Wikipedia page for each season. But it’s rare that The X Factor achieves this level of vitriol so early in the competition. I wouldn’t be surprised if Simon Cowell arranged to have one or more of the eliminated acts from the various different categories brought back to appease the viewers, because I can’t imagine ratings won’t plummet as a result of some of these Judges’ Houses choices. Sure, Honey G is bad, but I’d argue Bradley and Ottavio going through over either of the girl groups in Louis Walsh’s category is just as big of a crime (even though, sadly, it really isn’t surprising. Louis has always been the judge most likely to put the zany acts through).

Naturally, you could make the argument that people threatening to boycott the show are just issuing empty threats, but is that a risk Simon really wants to take for a show that is already in its waning years? I guess we’ll find out soon enough. But while I’m still hyped for the live shows (I mean, really, I’m always excited for the live shows every season. This is my favorite show on TV), I’m far less excited now than I would have been.

But what do you think of Honey G making it to the live shows? Sound off in the comments!

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