‘X Factor UK’ Star Jamie Benkert Isn’t Olly Murs Anymore In ‘Stay (4AM)’ (VIDEO)

Two years ago, Jamie Benkert made headlines on The X Factor UK due to his similarities with Olly Murs. But Jamie isn’t so much like Olly anymore with his latest track.

While he does sound and look a bit like Olly, this sounds a bit darker and more mature than Olly’s recent output, for what it’s worth. (Of course, I say all this as someone who loves Olly Murs.) I really enjoy the hell out of this song, and I could easily hear it on the radio. Here’s hoping Jamie has a productive 2017, because I already like where his sound is headed. Listen to the song and watch the video below:

'X Factor UK' Star Jamie Benkert Isn't Olly Murs Anymore In 'Stay (4AM)' (VIDEO)

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