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‘X Factor UK’ Hopeful Reveals Bisexual Crush on Mel B

One of Simon Cowell’s Girls has a crush on The X Factor UK! But the crush isn’t on a fellow contestant — it’s on one of the guest judges!

A source for The Sun has learned that not only has 18-year-old Soheila Clifford revealed she’s bisexual, she admits to having a crush on Mel B, one of the two artists who will be joining Girls’ mentor Simon Cowell at Judges’ Houses (the other artist is Mel’s fellow Spice Girl, Emma Bunton).

Apparently, Soheila actually flirted with Mel B at the Simon’s Judges’ House in Malibu, only to be turned down by Mel. After all, as Mel herself admits, while she has had same-sex flings before, “Those days are gone. I am married.”

During her time at Judges’ Houses, Soheila was exceedingly candid with the judges. When asked if she’s ever kissed a girl, Soheila proudly claimed, “I have and I’m not afraid to admit that. It’s nothing serious. A girl’s a girl — a guy’s a guy.”

'X Factor UK' Hopeful Reveals Bisexual Crush on Mel B

Source: YouTube

Soheila, whose parents remortgaged their house to help her achieve her dream, stated that a person’s sexuality shouldn’t matter, in the grand scheme of things.

“People are people. It’s 2016, gender shouldn’t matter. You should fall for anybody. Personality is personality. It’s great to be able to fall for anyone. It’s just good not to put pressure on anything in life. Just see what happens, see who you meet.”

I didn’t love Soheila when I first saw her, but she’s really grown on me to become one of my favorites in the competition. Sure, there are better singers, but there are few in Simon’s category with her confidence and stage presence. I think she’s another Cher Lloyd in the making, and while some might not think that’s necessarily a great thing, I think this season badly needs the type of showmanship and pop artistry that Cher once offered on the show. I also find her pretty likable, due in large part to how level-headed she is, despite the enormity of her situation. She doesn’t come across as a primadonna at all, perhaps because she knows what her parents sacrificed to get her where she is. This is without even mentioning how much I wish more people shared Soheila’s attitude Either way, I may not have loved Soheila at first, but I’m pretty sure I do now.

But what do you think of Soheila Clifford? How would you feel if she made it to the live shows? Sound off in the comments!

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