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‘The X Factor UK’ Finalists Overload Generation Split Up After Twitter Rant

Overload Generation finished in 15th place in the live shows on The X Factor UK 2014 after being brought back as a wild card, following their elimination during Boot Camp. But now, the group — at least in its original formation — is splitting up.

It all started when group member Joey Devries quit the band earlier this week, stating, “I have had an amazing journey, but after the fall of Xfactor I felt very down and now feel its [sic] time to move on to something new.”

Joey’s exit was quickly followed by the departure of Jordi Whitworth, who wanted to pursue his own career. This interrupted the group’s plans to release their debut single, “No, No, No,” which was their audition song for The X Factor. It’s at this point that things get a bit out of hand, as Jordi discovered he was locked out of the group’s Twitter account, and had a mild meltdown as a result.

Jordi tweeted: “Great!! been totally logged out of Overloads Social Media thanks to the three boys and manager, when legally im still an Overload member.” At this point, band member Ryan Robertson posted a screengrab of his personal text response to Jordi’s Twitter rant, essentially escalating the public nature of the feud.

'The X Factor UK' Finalists Overload Generation Split Up After Twitter War

So it’s looking like this is the end for Overload Generation as we’ve known them, as they’re down to just three members. No word if the group will replace Joey and Jordi, or if they’ll continue as a trio. Also no word on if they’ll still release “No, No, No”. It’d be a shame if they didn’t, because that song is catchy as all get-out.

'The X Factor UK' Finalists Overload Generation Break Up

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