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‘X Factor UK’ Duo May Be Cut From Show Due To Excessive Partying

The X Factor UK 2016 is set to begin the Boot Camp round soon, but two contestants could potentially find themselves axed from the show due to their partying ways.

A source close to the show claims Ottavio Columbro and Bradley Hunt were warned by producers to “clean up their act or they will be kicked off the show.”

Fans will best remember these guys as the duo that got into an argument over undercooked chicken, which nearly resulted in the end of the group. But they had an emotional reconciliation and managed to nail their audition. Granted, the quality of the act is entirely up to the observer, but they already seemed well on their way to being this year’s novelty act in the live shows, a la Blonde Electra or Diva Fever.

Of course, Ottavio and Bradley weren’t the only people getting down at Boot Camp, as several other contestants participated in the Boot Camp chaos, with rumors claiming that some contestants were even having sex with one another into the wee hours of the morning after getting rip-roaringly drunk.

“Some contestants went wild at boot camp treating it more like an 18-30s holiday,” a source told The Daily Star. “There were wild late night parties with contestants snogging and sleeping together. One girl in particular was all over the boys and slept with at least three different people.”

However, a spokesperson for the show refuted claims of excessive alcohol consumption, noting that acts over the age of eighteen were allowed two drinks, tops.

“A welcome party was thrown for contestants where anyone over 18 was allowed two drinks,” said the spokesperson. “No one was ever encouraged to misbehave and all acts are auditioned on the merit of their performances and nothing else.”

On the one hand, Boot Camp is a super-stressful environment, so it’s not exactly surprising that people would blow off some steam by acting out. On the other hand, if you’re actually serious about this competition, then you probably shouldn’t be getting shame-wasted into the godless hours of the morning. Still, The X Factor is no stranger to controversy. Hell, the Wikipedia page for any given season has a long list of controversies for that year. So this is probably on the more mild side of what usually happens on the show. I guess we’ll see if it’s enough to actually lead to any disqualifications, or if some acts will simply be quietly cut in an elimination.

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