‘X Factor’ Star Olly Murs Criticizes Fame-Seeking Contestants

Olly Murs was the runner-up on The X Factor UK back in 2009, and he’s had a pretty solid career since then with chart-topping albums and singles to his name. However, Olly feels that the show that gave him his fame is more about the fame these days than the music, particularly when it comes to the fame-seeking contestants, many of whom have bought into their own hype.

In an interview with The Metro, Olly stated, “A lot of them are in it for the wrong reasons. A lot gave the impression they were in it to be famous and not because they wanted to release music.”

Olly points out that this isn’t necessarily referring to the contestants on the current season, but rather, those he encountered during his presenting gig on The Xtra Factor back in 2011, and throughout his role as co-host of The X Factor itself in 2015.

“When I did Xtra Factor, they all believed in all the hype and believed they were bigger than they were,” he said. “When you come off the show you’re not anyone. You’ve had one single, or not even got a single. Now prove to people you’re a real deal.”

With that said, Olly is still immensely appreciative of what The X Factor meant to his career and his life. In fact, part of his annoyance with all the fame-seeking is that it comes at the expense of the opportunity X Factor presents for an artist to grow.

“It’s the biggest thing that’s ever happened in your life. It was the biggest thing that ever happened in my life. Even now,” Olly said. “I just felt some people just didn’t appreciate it enough.”

'X Factor' Star Olly Murs Criticizes Fame-Seeking Contestants

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I can’t say I disagree with him, as the show has gotten sillier since Olly’s stint on the show, with such acts as Wagner, Blonde Electra, Bratavio and Honey G making the live shows. But let us not forget that Olly comes from the season that gave us Jedward. In fact, on the week Jedward ended up being sent home after their Bottom 2 sing-off with Olly, the vote totals at the end of the season revealed that the boys actually had more votes. So if it had been sent to deadlock, the competition would have ended for Olly weeks earlier than it did. It’s simply part of The X Factor format to have this weird novelty acts every year. Not saying it’s right or wrong, but it certainly separates this show from many others. The X Factor may be about talent, but it’s not a pure singing show either. It’s an entertainment/variety/reality competition, and it’s what typically makes the show as entertaining as it is. But Olly does have a point, and while I can only guess about which acts Olly was talking about in particular, I do think a lot more acts tend to buy into their own hype these days. (Hell, look at Mason Noise last season.) Of course, you could argue this will be the case with any reality show in which people are launched into sudden notoriety. So I don’t expect it to end here.

But what do you think about what Olly Murs had to say? Agree or disagree? Sound off in the comments!

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