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‘X Factor’ Star Honey G Subject Of Gang Murder Hoax

Fans of The X Factor UK finalist Honey G are positively furious after a hoax circulated on social media about the rapper being murdered in a gang shooting.

The rumor circulated on Tuesday night, as reports claimed that Honey G had been shot 17 times in a street fight stemming from a feud with a rival gang.

“I saw the blacked out jeep overtaking her car, forcing her driver to stop,” the hoax report, from fake news site Waterford Whisperers, claimed. “Five men in balaclavas go out and began trying to open her door, but then she seemed to open fire on them from the inside, hitting one in the shoulder and another guy in the chest. They fired back, and hit her several times. She was bleeding from several areas of her torso.”

The report would go on to claim that her family was asking “for bottles of Hennessy to be spilled over her grave instead of flowers”.

The hoax quickly gained traction, briefly, on social media, but quickly dissipated when reports came in that Honey G was safely at rehearsals for this weekend’s X Factor live show.

'X Factor' Star Honey G Subject Of Gang Murder Hoax

Source: YouTube

I know there are some people who aren’t a fan of Honey G, but from all appearances, she’s a really nice woman whose family and fans care about her a great deal. Even the most divisive X Factor act doesn’t deserve to have these kinds of things written about them, especially when so many end up taking it seriously. I’m relieved that Honey G is okay, but the world has enough actual bad news to deal with, without places making up stories for clicks. Here’s hoping this is the last of such articles about this season of The X Factor.

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