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‘X Factor’ Star Honey G Strikes Back at Lily Allen Over ‘Offensive’ Comments

Honey G is one of the more controversial acts to ever be put through to the live shows on The X Factor UK, and the media and fellow celebrities alike are having a field day accusing her of cultural appropriation. One of those celebs was Lily Allen, who called Honey G’s act “offensive” in an interview last week.

However, Honey G is striking back at Allen over the comments, lashing out during an interview with GetWestLondon.

“Lily Allen said she finds it offensive but she needs to get her facts right. Professor Green said I’m taking the mickey out of rap music,” Honey G stated. “But then Snoop Dogg has talked about doing a record with me and 50 Cent has backed me.”

'X Factor' Star Honey G Strikes Back at Lily Allen Over 'Offensive' Comments

Source: YouTube

Honey G would go on to assert that she comes from a legitimate musical background, and that her influences as an artist largely come from her mother.

“My mum is a pianist and I’ve followed in her footsteps. Her music is classical and mine is rap. I come from a musical background. People haven’t done their homework on me.”

While I really don’t think Honey G has any business winning this competition or even making the finals, I have to admit she’s made this season far more interesting than it would have been without her, especially considering how dull many of the other acts have been. You could still argue that there were countless people who deserved to advance ahead of her, and I wouldn’t disagree, but I think she’s added an entertainment value to the show that’s been sorely missing. I think if more people took the act at face value and didn’t try to assign a more sinister intention to her motives, they’d enjoy her performances more. Then again, it’s kind of incumbent upon Honey G to prove she’s a legit rapper, and I’m not sure performances where she spends half the song spelling her own name has gotten the job done. I like Honey G, but I’m torn on just how far she realistically should be going in this competition. Either way, I’ll be interested to see what she has up her sleeves in the weeks to come, assuming she isn’t sent home this coming week. I suppose we’ll see.

But what do you think about what Honey G had to say to Lily Allen? Sound off in the comments!

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