‘X Factor’ Star Honey G Premieres Outrageously Campy Single (VIDEO)

Honey G was the very definition of camp appeal on The X Factor UK this season. It led to some entertaining moments, but it also resulted in the larger question of just how she would translate as an artist in the real world. As it turns out, she’s not giving up any of that novelty value.

Honey G has premiered her outrageously campy debut single, “The Honey G Show”, a song that, for all intents and purposes, was probably going to be her winner’s single if she’d somehow managed to win The X Factor this year. Although it’s an original, the song is basically a vague reimagining of her take on “California Love”, between talking about all the rappers she used to listen to growing up, and having everyone spell her name out, and then say her name back to her. Granted, a lot of her songs on The X Factor were like that, so maybe it’s just part of her shtick. Either way, corny rhymes aside, the beat really isn’t half bad, in a throwback sort of way. But I don’t see this lighting the charts on fire. But what do you think? Listen to the song and watch the music video below:

'X Factor' Star Honey G Premieres Outrageously Campy Single (VIDEO)

Source: YouTube

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