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‘X Factor’ Star Gets Robbed While Helping Old Lady

The X Factor UK star Ryan Lawrie just survived his third consecutive trip to the Bottom Three this past Sunday. But landing in the Bottom Three is hardly the worst thing to happen to the singer this week.

While hanging out with 5 After Midnight singer Kieran Alleyne this morning, Lawrie had his bag stolen — while trying to help an old lady!

Ryan and Kieran stopped to help an old lady who’d fallen in the street, only for Ryan to have a plastic bag with his belongings snatched. Kieran detailed the incident on Twitter, posting a photo of he and Ryan in a taxi with the caption: “Morning outings with @RyanLawrie_ we helped an old lady who fell down in the street! But then Ryan got his bag robbed crazy morning!! (sic)”

'X Factor' Star Gets Robbed While Helping Old Lady

Source: Twitter

However, Kieran later clarified that while Ryan was robbed, it wasn’t a mugging or anything violent: “He didn’t get mugged tho someone just took it off the floor @RyanLawrie_”

A spokesperson for The X Factor released a statement: “Ryan was out shopping with Kieran, rushed over to help an elderly lady who had fallen over and left a carrier bag of toiletries on the floor and a passer by picked it up. He hasn’t been hurt and is absolutely fine.”

Still, despite being unhurt and losing relatively little, Ryan was clearly frustrated by the incident. In a tweet, Ryan declared: “I don’t know anymore.”

For what it’s worth, while I hate the Lifeline Vote and how it’s prevented Ryan from having to face judgment in a sing-off for three weeks running now, I genuinely feel for the guy. I think without the Lifeline Vote, he might have been able to prove his merits in a Bottom Two sing-off, provided he really was one of the Bottom Two vote-getters (and given that he’s been in the Bottom Three for three weeks in a row, I can’t imagine he wasn’t among the two lowest vote-getters on at least one of those weeks). Regardless of how you feel about the guy on the show, nobody deserves to be robbed while trying to help a stranger. My heart goes out to Ryan.

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