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‘X Factor’ Producers Come Clean: Four of Diamonds Were ‘Manufactured’

Four of Diamonds are the latest act to get a second chance on The X Factor UK, as the disqualification of Brooks Way left an opening in Louis Walsh’s Groups category. However, producers came clean about a secret regarding the formerly eliminated girl group: they were manufactured for the competition.

Usually, when a group is formed out of artists who were separately eliminated in the individual portions of the competition, it happens during Boot Camp. But Four of Diamonds went through a different, though ultimately similar, process.

“Four of Diamonds did all apply for the show as soloists but didn’t make it past the first stage,” an X Factor spokesperson told the Sun. “They were then invited to take part in a workshop to form a group, the group then had to apply again to enter the show.”

'X Factor' Producers Come Clean: Four of Diamonds Were 'Manufactured'

Source: YouTube

In this sense, Four of Diamonds are unique: of all the groups manufactured by the show, they are the first group in the history of The X Factor to be put together outside the show. When Little Mix, One Direction, and the revamped Union J were formed, we were witness to that formation. But these girls were put together off-camera.

As a fan of these girls, I’m stoked to have them back in the competition. And the fact that they were put together for the show really shouldn’t matter to their standing in the competition. I think they have all the potential to go far together, and with any luck, they’ll have a career after this.

But what do you think about Four of Diamonds being manufactured for The X Factor? Sound off in the comments!

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