‘X Factor’ Judge Nick Grimshaw Crashes Car Avoiding Cat

Nick Grimshaw, a radio host and former judge on The X Factor UK, flipped his car in what could have been a far more severe accident than it was. And the reason is either noble or ridiculous, depending on how you feel about cats in comparison to human lives.

At the time, Nick was on his way to the BBC Radio 1 studios, when he swerved his car to avoid hitting a ginger cat. He hit another car in the process, and that collision caused his car to flip over. Thankfully, no one was hurt, but Nick admits to a certain level of embarrassment, as he explained on his radio show.

“People were like, ‘You can’t have been doing 15 miles per hour.’ I was, that’s how embarrassing this was. I came out of my street, turned right, saw quite a large ginger cat. I was like, ‘Oh no, a cat.’ Rather than killing the cat, I drove into a car. The car that I hit made my car tip over. The woman’s car is absolutely fine… She needs a new wheel arch, which I guess I’m paying for.”

Naturally, the pictures Nick shared on social media made the accident seem far more severe. But I guess all that really matters to Nick is that the car was unharmed. In fact, the cat actually had a pretty good time of it, overall.

“The cat’s fine. It sat there for the full two hours while I was out in the street,” Nick said. “The cat met the police, the cat met the fire brigade, the cat watched me make a call to insurance to organise someone to pick the car up.”

'X Factor' Judge Nick Grimshaw Crashes Car Avoiding Cat

Source: YouTube

That’s certainly one lucky cat. Hell, Nick himself is lucky that all he has to do is pay for a new wheel arch. It’s a good thing this situation turned out as smoothly as it did, since there are any number of ways it could have gone worse. Stay safe out there!

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