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‘X Factor’ Fans Claim Fix Is In Due To Honey G Booking Date

Although her advancement to The X Factor UK live shows caused a fair amount of controversy last month, Honey G actually has developed a surprising following. Naturally, her fans are beginning to feel the show is fixed against her, particularly now that news has come out that Honey G has accepted a booking in Scotland on the evening of the Top 4 performance show.

The public appearance is set for the Kitty’s & Kandy nightclub in Kirkcaldy on December 10th, the night of The X Factor UK semifinals. This has fans speculating that the show plans on ditching her at some point prior to that vote, especially since the system is set up in such a way that the judges have the ultimate decision over who goes home. Of course, Honey G would have to land in the Bottom 2 first, but it’s still within the power of the judges to send her home once she lands there.

The nightclub confirmed the booking earlier this week in a post to its Facebook page. The post has since been deleted, but it originally read: “We’ve just confirmed the most talked about act in Britain at the moment! Get down to Kittys on December 10th where we have.. HONEY G !!!”

Despite fans lighting up the Facebook page with claims that this proves the show is fixed, a spokesperson for The X Factor UK stated, “There is no foundation to any fix claims. The club was mistaken in their Facebook post that she would be there on 10 December and the post has since been removed.”

'X Factor' Fans Claim Fix Is In For Honey G Due To Booking Date

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The nightclub would go on to clarify that the booking is predicated on Honey G actually being eliminated from the show first. If not, the club will come up with some other act for that evening. Either way, the club has already caused a small bit of controversy in announcing Honey G early.

Naturally, it isn’t uncommon to expect the novelty act to be eliminated before Final 4. I’m struggling to think of a novelty act that lasted past Top 5. That’s how far Rylan Clark got in Season 9. Meanwhile, acts like Jedward, Stevi Ritchie and Wagner all went home at Top 6. If Honey G were to make it to Final 4, it would be virtually unprecedented, although I should point out that the vote totals at the end of Seasons 6 and 11, respectively, it was shown that both Jedward and Stevi Ritchie would have survived the Bottom 2 sing-off over their opponent had the judges not voted to send them home. So both acts would have finished in fifth place by public vote, if it had gone to deadlock. I honestly wouldn’t be surprised to see Honey G be eliminated by the judges, only for vote totals to reveal she would have gone farther. But I guess this is all a roundabout way of saying we won’t know until we know. Yeah, it’s a copout, but that’s how this competition rolls.

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