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‘X Factor’ Contestant Honey G Deletes Drug Use Tweet

Honey G is the talk of the live shows on The X Factor UK 2016! However, she’s already stirring up a bit of controversy, as the 35-year-old rapper deleted a tweet from before her ascension to the live shows.

Honey G shared a tweet with a picture of Lil’ Wayne lighting a joint on a private jet, with the caption, “yes lil Wayne that’s what I like to see blazin on private jet y’all hahah (sic)”.

Once the tweet got attention, Honey G was quick to delete it. Honestly, it wouldn’t really be that surprising if she was pressured by The X Factor to do so, considering the show was quick to release a statement to MailOnline stating, “Honey G is sorry if these posts were misconstrued in the wrong way.”

'X Factor' Contestant Honey G Deletes Drug Use Tweet

Source: YouTube

As far as X Factor controversies go, this is pretty mild. But it is likely to add to the overall distaste some viewers already have for Honey G, particularly since she secured a place in the live shows over several more talented acts. However, this is pretty much par for the course for The X Factor. It’s as much about entertainment as it is about finding the most talented singer/performer.

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