WWE World Heavyweight Champion Seth Rollins Injured at House Show

The main event for the 29th annual Survivor Series event could be in jeopardy.

WWE World Heavyweight Champion Seth Rollins suffered an injury at a house show in Dublin, Ireland. In a No Holds Barred match against Kane, Rollins went for a sunset flip powerbomb onto a table, but made an awkward landing, injuring his leg on the way down. Although Rollins was able to complete the match, he ended up being carried away by medical personnel. This injury comes at a terrible time for WWE, as Randy Orton is currently out with a shoulder injury, and John Cena is away filming a fitness reality show for FOX. So potentially losing their world champion is another huge blow to the star power of the main roster.

Fans in attendance caught images of the injury, which you can check out below:

WWE World Heavyweight Champion Seth Rollins Injured at House Show

Credit: WWE

The severity of the injury isn’t known at this time, but if he needs surgery, we could see Rollins relinquish the title, or possibly even lose the championship as the result of an impromptu cash-in by Sheamus, who still has the Money In the Bank contract for a guaranteed world title match at any time and place. Personally, I’d rather Sheamus didn’t win the title, but this could be a decent way to finally turn Rollins babyface, by having Sheamus take advantage of an injured champ who’s about to emotionally give up the title he worked so hard to win. While Rollins does play a great cowardly heel, his offense is the stuff babyfaces are made of, and I think a big face run could put him over the top as a star. Ultimately, whatever WWE ends up doing, it’s clear they have a big star in Rollins. Here’s hoping the injury isn’t severe, and that the Survivor Series main event against Roman Reigns remains on tap.

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