WWE Wants Paige VanZant for Summerslam 2016

With Brock Lesnar preparing for a fight against Mark Hunt at UFC 200 on July 9 in Las Vegas, it seems clear WWE and UFC have at least some working relationship. So it’s not that big a surprise to learn that WWE wants to book one of UFC’s more noteworthy female stars for its biggest event of the summer.

According to PWInsider, WWE is interested in bringing in Paige VanZant for a role at SummerSlam. The nature of her possible role has not been disclosed, but WWE clearly wants to capitalize on her popularity. Of course, the amusing part in all this is that VanZant’s recent resurgence in popularity doesn’t actually have anything to do with UFC: her run on the most recent season of Dancing With the Stars made her a household name, all the more so when she finished the season in second place, outlasting frontrunners such as Wanya Morris and Jodi Sweetin. VanZant came across as a major star on the show, and when you’re being seen by 12 million weekly viewers, it makes sense WWE would want in on her success.

I think VanZant is a potentially big star, and could do a lot of good in WWE, provided they write the right role for her. I could easily see her being in the corner of Sasha Banks in a Women’s Championship match against Charlotte, since part of Charlotte’s entire gimmick is that she has people interfering on her behalf. Having Paige VanZant preventing Dana Brooke from interfering at ringside could lead to a big physical spot that grabs headlines, similar to how Ronda Rousey hip-tossing Triple H at Wrestlemania 31 had people wondering if MMA’s biggest female star was WWE bound. Granted, I don’t know how much good this does for UFC, but it could be a big deal for WWE to have VanZant, even if just for one show.

WWE Wants Paige VanZant for Summerslam 2016

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