WWE Wants Its Talent To Stay the Hell Away from Hulk Hogan

WWE doesn’t want to be associated with Hulk Hogan in any way after his racist rants went viral. Naturally, that means they don’t want their employees associating with Hogan either.

According to the Wrestling Observer Newsletter, WWE officials have instructed all current, contracted talents to stay away from Hulk Hogan and cease all communication with the WWE Hall of Famer. Apparently, WWE doesn’t want any guilt by association, considering they’re a publicly traded company that can’t exactly afford the bad press right now, considering another WWE Hall of Famer was just charged in connection with a 32-year-old murder.

Still, Hogan is hoping to go back to WWE one day, even if it seems virtually impossible right now. The Hulkster is still on his apology tour, which culminated with a tearful apology on Good Morning America. Time will tell if that’s enough to earn forgiveness and a welcoming return to the company that helped make him a household name.

WWE Wants Its Talent To Stay the Hell Away from Hulk Hogan

Credit: WWE/USA Network

If nothing else, WWE is mitigating some of the bad press with the efforts of the modern era’s Hulk Hogan, 15-time champion John Cena. Not only did Cena team up with wrestling legend Sting to honor a 7-year-old cancer survivor on Monday, he also appeared on Today to celebrate National Guacamole Day, a hilariously awkward, endearing segment that shows that despite the expectation that wrestlers are all meatheads, a lot of them are seriously cool people.

But what do you think? Is WWE overstepping its bounds? Or is this justified? Sound off in the comments!

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