WWE Trainer Billy Gunn Fired for Drug Test Failure

WWE is in the market for a new trainer at its developmental Performance Center in Florida.

Monty “Kip” Sopp, who went by the stage name Billy Gunn, was fired today by WWE for failing a drug test. But there’s a twist: the drug test wasn’t even administered by WWE.

As it turns out, Gunn failed a drug test for a powerlifting organization for which he was competing. WWE officials were completely unaware that he was even competing as a powerlifter on his off-days until just a few weeks ago. But even when they did find out, they were kept in the dark about his suspension from the sport, which occurred months ago.

Apparently, the positive drug test was for elevated levels of testosterone for a powerlifting competition from July 25. The test showed a 37-1 testosterone/epitestosterone ratio, which is WAY above the legal 4-1 limit, especially for a 52-year-old male. As a result, he was suspended from powerlifting for four years. And now, he’s gotten a pink slip from WWE to add to his troubles.

According to Bryan Alvarez of Figure 4 Weekly, WWE already has a couple of names lined up as replacements for Gunn. I would say I feel bad for Gunn, but he really should have known better. He’s helping shape the new crop of talent for the next generation, and you can’t be a hypocrite when you’re in a role like that, telling these young performers that they have to stay clean and do it the hard way, while you yourself are taking shortcuts. Maybe if he cleans up, WWE will hire them back, but as a publicly-traded company, I don’t think they want to risk any more black eyes.

WWE Trainer Billy Gunn Fired for Drug Test Failure

Credit: USA Network

Anyway, what do you think of Billy Gunn’s firing? Who would make a good replacement? Sound off in the comments!

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