WWE To Test Out ‘Edgier Product’ During Wrestlemania Season

WWE has been TV-PG for years now. But the latest report from Wrestling Observer suggests that WWE might be headed in a more mature direction during the build-up to Wrestlemania.

According to Bryan Alvarez, WWE is looking to test out “an edgier product” in the next month or so.

“I’ve been told that it’s going to be an edgier product at least from now until Mania, they’re going to be pushing the envelope,” Alvarez’s note read.

We can already see this in action, between Vince McMahon letting an F-bomb slip, to Roman Reigns getting a blood-soaked beating at the hands of HHH to close out Raw this week. Hell, we even had Goldust simulate an orgasm with a champagne bottle in a comedy segment with R-Truth on a recent Smackdown. While we’re not likely to return to the gratuitous nature of the Attitude Era, it does seem like we’re going to be getting something less geared towards children, at the very least. And it could give the product a real shot in the arm. On the one hand, I’ve never felt that the TV-PG rating necessarily holds WWE back from telling good stories and putting on good shows. On the other hand, I do think this change could bring back some viewers who feel they might have outgrown the product. I guess we’ll see how much different the product gets as we head towards Wrestlemania 32 on April 3 in Dallas.

WWE To Test Out 'Edgier Product' During Wrestlemania Season

Credit: WWE

What do you think about WWE moving towards an edgier product? A good call or are they better off TV-PG? Sound off in the comments!

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