WWE To Announce Summerslam Opponent for Brock Lesnar on Smackdown

Summerslam 2016 is a little more than a month away, and it’s WWE’s biggest event of the summer, which will air August 21 from the Barclays Center in Brooklyn. That’s why WWE is getting all its ducks in a row for one of their biggest stars, Brock Lesnar.

Tonight, on the July 4th edition of Monday Night Raw, WWE announced that the Summerslam opponent for Brock Lesnar would be revealed on Smackdown this Thursday night. Naturally, since Smackdown tapes on Tuesday, we’ll know two days earlier than WWE airs it, which begs two questions: 1) why not just wait until Smackdown Live on July 19 to announce the opponent, since it’s not like they’re going to start building a storyline for the match right away, and 2) why not wait until after UFC 200?

WWE To Announce Summerslam Opponent for Brock Lesnar on Smackdown

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Granted, I doubt the outcome of Lesnar’s fight against Mark Hunt this Saturday will have any bearing on WWE’s choice of opponent, but what if Lesnar gets legit injured in the octagon? What if he gets hurt badly enough that doctors won’t clear him in time for Summerslam? Suddenly, you have to cancel a match you’ve already announced — a dilemma that could have been avoided by just waiting until after Brock’s big fight with Hunt to announce the Summerslam match.

Of course, given that it’s Brock Lesnar, his arm could probably be dangling off of his body, and he’d still be there at Summerslam because his contract says so. And Brock loves getting paid those insane figures for his minimal work dates (hell, can you blame him?). I guess the only real thing to speculate over is just who Brock will face at Summerslam. Perhaps he’ll get a shot at the winner of the Battleground main event, or perhaps WWE will finally pull the trigger on that Bray Wyatt feud they were setting up earlier this year. That said, it would require WWE to jettison the Wyatts/New Day feud that’s been building, or at least push it to the background for the rest of the summer. I suppose we’ll find out tomorrow night.

But who do you think Brock Lesnar’s opponent will be for Summerslam 2016? Sound off in the comments!

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