WWE Suspends Paige For Second Wellness Violation

Well, it looks like things just keep on getting worse for former WWE Divas Champion Paige, as she has just been suspended for her second violation of the Wellness Policy, which carries a mandatory 60 day suspension.

While it’s unknown what caused the violation (whether it was a banned substance or misfiled paperwork regarding a legitimate prescription for a banned substance, similar to what caused Eva Marie’s suspension), it seems it will be even longer before Paige can return to action, considering she’s still tending to nagging injuries. Of course, this is if Paige even wants to return to WWE at all. Another Wellness violation coming so soon after her first suspension in July, seems to indicate that she might be trying to get fired by WWE rather than just being released from her contract. A third violation would result in instant termination.

It could simply be that Paige is looking to join her boyfriend Alberto Del Rio outside WWE. Del Rio was suspended for a violation on the same day as Paige, although they were reportedly popped for different substances. Regardless, Del Rio eventually utilized the out clause in his contract to receive his release from the company, and return to working with AAA in Mexico. Granted, Del Rio initially got on the company’s bad side by no-showing a major event, but he gained some good will back when it was revealed that the reason for his absence was an attack from a knife-wielding mad man. There are questions as to the truth of Del Rio’s story, but he did post some pretty gruesome photos of the injuries, so I’m not sure why he’d pull a Ryan Lochte and make it up. Then again, this has been an absolutely crazy year, where art is struggling to live up to the standard of insanity that reality is setting. So who knows?

WWE Suspends Paige For Second Wellness Violation

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I really do think this is the end for Paige in WWE though. She seemed kind of lackadaisical ever since losing her women’s title feud against Charlotte last winter, and a combination of injuries and backstage politics separating her from Del Rio seems to have really worn her down, if reports are to be believed. So while she’d definitely be a welcome presence to either Raw or Smackdown’s women’s division, I just get the feeling she’s done. That said, we could see her on the indies or in Mexico with Del Rio as a package deal. Either way, I think we’ll have an answer soon enough.

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