WWE Suspends Alberto Del Rio for Wellness Policy Violation

WWE is laying down the law in the locker room: Alberto Del Rio has been suspended for thirty days due to a Wellness Policy violation.

WWE made the suspension official in their press release regarding the matter: “WWE has suspended Jose Rodriguez (Alberto Del Rio) for 30 days effective tomorrow, Thursday, Aug. 18, for his first violation of the company‚Äôs talent wellness policy.”

Thirty days is the standard for a first-time violation, although the substance that caused the test failure isn’t known at this time. It must have just come back today, since Del Rio competed on Smackdown Live last night against John Cena in the main event. Had WWE known about it sooner, there could have been any number of guys who could have gotten that main event spot. Then again, maybe his losing to John Cena was simply their way to write him out for the next month.

This also comes just over one month after WWE suspended top star Roman Reigns as well. So either more guys are on substances than usual, or the company is beefing up the testing for its Wellness Policy, and adding to the list of substances a person could be popped for on the test.

WWE Suspends Alberto Del Rio for Wellness Policy Violation

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For what it’s worth, it already feels like Del Rio is on his way out of WWE anyway. Outside of that Smackdown main event, he isn’t frequently featured in major feuds, and it hardly feels as though he ever gets feuds or storylines of his own these days. Between news breaking that he has an out clause in his contract, and stories that he’s livid that WWE separated him from girlfriend Paige in the live Draft last month, it really wouldn’t surprise me if Del Rio cashed in his chips and bailed in October. He doesn’t really need WWE, since he did just fine on the lucha libre scene during his year away from the company following his release in 2014 for slapping a backstage employee who’d made a racist remark. The money may be good in WWE, but it just doesn’t seem as though WWE is the right fit for Del Rio. And he’s doing some of his least-inspired work since returning last October. It’s almost like he’s hardly even there, which is a shame, because the man is definitely talented, and has a ton of fire and passion, as evidenced by his runs in AAA and Lucha Underground.

I guess we’ll see how this affects his standing in WWE, but I can’t imagine this is going to be good for him.

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