‘WWE Superstars’ Canceled, Replaced By ‘205 Live’

Tonight, WWE premieres 205 Live, the Network-exclusive cruiserweight show. However, it’ll be taking the place of an old classic whose name runs back to the days before the WWE Network was even a pipe dream for Vince McMahon: WWE Superstars.

Mike Johnson of PWInsider confirmed that there are no plans for any future tapings of WWE Superstars, noting that the show has now been replaced by 205 Live, which will be filmed live after the conclusion of Smackdown Live on Tuesday nights. By adding another hour of tapings to the Smackdown schedule, there was no longer room to accommodate WWE Main Event, which will now have to be taped on Mondays prior to Raw. This leaves no room on the schedule for a Superstars taping, hence the cancellation.

Main Event is apparently the more lucrative of the two shows since, in addition to providing fresh content for the WWE Network, the show also fulfills international television commitments. Superstars fulfilled a similar function, but the international broadcasting commitments concluded on November 25.

'WWE Superstars' Canceled, Replaced By '205 Live'

Source: YouTube

With all that having been said, you could have told me both shows had been canceled years ago, and I wouldn’t have batted an eye, for all the promotion either show gets on TV or in ads on the Network. It was mostly just content to fill time, rather than shows WWE actually expected anyone to pay attention to, although these shows were the best way to see neglected main roster talent like Neville, Jack Swagger, and Breezango, just to name a few. In that sense, it’s a shame for those guys to lose an outlet for their talents, since they aren’t going to realistically feature too much talent on the one hour of Main Event we’ll be getting each week. With three hours of Raw and two hours of Smackdown each week, there really isn’t any reason some guys should be solely relegated to these Network shows. Here’s hoping some of these guys get a chance to move back up to more prominent roles on the main roster. Or at least take the option of returning to NXT for a career resurgence, like Tyson Kidd got in 2014 (prior to the injury that has pretty much ended his career).

If nothing else, I’d be down to hear some ideas on what you guys think WWE should do with some of these neglected talents: if they should be repackaged, put in tag teams, moved to different brands/divisions, or released altogether. Sound off in the comments!

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