WWE Superstar Randy Orton Reportedly Suffers Dislocated Shoulder

So it appears that, in addition to John Cena, WWE will be losing another one of its top babyfaces for the foreseeable future.

Randy Orton has suffered a dislocated shoulder that could put him out of action for some time. According to Dave Meltzer of the Wrestling Observer, Orton has been scheduled for an MRI to detail the severity of the injury. Apparently, the former world champion had been working through a previous shoulder injury, which only got worse over time, resulting in the dislocation some time last week. This is why Orton missed the recent Mexico tour, and why he was conspicuously absent from WWE Monday Night Raw last night. In storyline, his absence was explained as having resulted from an injury suffered at the hands of The Wyatt Family, the group with which he’s sort of feuding (although this storyline belongs more to Roman Reigns and, to a lesser extent, Dean Ambrose than it ever has to Orton. He’s just the guy who fills in when they need a partner). There’s no word yet on how much time Orton will end up missing as a result of this injury, but if he ends up needing surgery, there’s no telling when we’ll see him next.

WWE Superstar Randy Orton Reportedly Suffers Dislocated Shoulder

Credit: WWE

Ultimately, this is a mark against the whole “gut through your injuries and just keep working” attitude that seems to prevail in this business. Of course, the motivation for fighting through an injury and toughing it out is usually the fear that you’ll lose your spot. But this isn’t — or at least, it shouldn’t be — a concern for Orton, who’s one of the few guys the booking team really protects with any consistency, although I guess you could argue that being the third wheel for the babyfaces in a midcard feud is giving him reason enough to want to make sure he doesn’t get lost in the shuffle. Still, it was a bad idea for Orton not to seek help once his shoulder started nagging him, especially considering his long, documented issues with his shoulder, dating back to 2005, when he had to take a hiatus shortly after Wrestlemania 21 to get it treated. In fact, it actually goes back farther than that, to 2002 and the old Randy News Network updates that first turned him heel, as he made all those obnoxious news “updates” on his condition. Perhaps the wear and tear of the business is simply catching up with Orton, since these shoulder problems are part of a pattern that really could signal that Orton’s career is winding down. Regardless, we wish him the best in his recovery.

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