WWE Superstar Adam Rose Faces Judge, Wife Pleads for Leniency

It looks like suspended WWE star Adam Rose isn’t through with his legal troubles just yet.

Rose appeared in Florida court Thursday, facing charged of battery and tampering with a witness. However, in a twist to the case, Rose’s wife argued with the judge for leniency, pleading to allow her husband to come home.

Despite the judge wanting to level a restraining order against the wrestler, Rose’s wife argued that their special needs child requires both parents at home. This, despite the complaint arising from an argument between Rose and his wife, in which Rose slapped the phone away from his wife when she tried to call 911.

Ultimately, Rose’s lawyer argued that Rose’s actions were “not aggressive or painful” but rather were “more of a passionate, ‘Hey, let’s talk about this'” nature.

WWE Superstar Adam Rose Faces Judge, Wife Pleads for Leniency

Credit: WWE

Rose is currently out on a $1,000 bond, with orders to see his pastor for counseling once a week until his next court date in June, according to TMZ. Rose is currently suspended from WWE due to a drug test failure. Initially, the suspension was for 60 days, but his recent legal troubles have resulted in Rose being suspended indefinitely. Initially, Rose fought the suspension by posting a doctor’s note on social media arguing that the positive drug test was due to Adderall, which he takes for ADHD. However, Rose deleted many of the social media posts that attempted to explain his drug test failure, presumably as a form of damage control against judgment by WWE. Regardless, it’s not looking great for his continued employment by WWE.

For more on the Adam Rose situation, read up on the circumstances of his arrest on Wednesday morning.

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