WWE Stars Talk Sting Going Into 2016 Hall of Fame (VIDEO)

Yesterday, it was announced that Sting would be the first inductee into the WWE Hall of Fame Class of 2016. The ceremony doesn’t take place until Wrestlemania weekend, but Sting’s induction has already drawn a fair amount of buzz, due to how it more or less confirms that Sting’s in-ring career is done, following the spinal injury he suffered at Night of Champions this past September in a match against then-WWE champion Seth Rollins. Granted, it’s not as though a Hall of Famer has never wrestled after his induction, but this very much feels like a cap on Sting’s wrestling career, which is why this induction is likely to be a memorable one.

Case in point, backstage at last night’s Raw, WWE stars gave their thoughts on Sting going into the Hall of Fame. The reactions range from ecstatic (Goldust) to funny (the Dudleys) to the downright weird (Stardust). Still, each of the superstars seems genuinely stoked about the announcement. And it’s no surprise, really. Sting is a bonafide legend in this industry, and he’s certainly deserving of this Hall of Fame induction. Find out what the WWE superstars had to say about Sting’s Hall of Fame induction by watching the video below:

WWE Stars Talk Sting Going Into 2016 Hall of Fame (VIDEO)

While Sting’s WWE run wasn’t as iconic as it should have been (winning two matches in one night on an episode of Raw doesn’t really balance the scales of the losses to HHH at Wrestlemania 31 and Seth Rollins at Night of Champions), there were still a lot of cool, memorable moments, such as Sting’s debut in the Team Cena vs. Team Authority match, or his interruption of the Seth Rollins statue presentation this past fall. This is without even getting into Sting’s non-WWE Hall of Fame credentials, including six WCW World Heavyweight Championship reigns, multiple Tag Team Championship and United States Championship wins, and a reign with the NWA World Heavyweight Championship near the height of its popularity. Granted, WWE isn’t going to recognize Sting’s multiple world title reigns in TNA, but the story is the same: Sting has been a big deal everywhere he’s gone. Congratulations are certainly in order for him.

For more on Sting, read up on the possible end of his in-ring career due to the injury he sustained at Night of Champions 2015.

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