WWE Stars Rusev and Lana Planning To Have Two Weddings

WWE stars Rusev and Lana are engaged to be married, and they’ve even caught heat with the company for revealing it to the world on social media last fall, despite being in a storyline in which they were supposed to be bitter enemies. Of course, the couple was eventually able to recover, as Rusev is now United States champion once again, with Lana at his side. Perhaps in celebration of their return to prominence, Rusev and Lana have now detailed the official plans for their upcoming wedding.

TMZ obtained the scoop that Rusev and Lana are actually planning two weddings. For the first, the couple will tie the knot in Malibu in July, with WWE colleagues, including Lana’s castmates on E!’s Total Divas, in attendance. Also scheduled to attend the Malibu nuptials will be Lana’s co-stars from Pitch Perfect 2, such as Anna Kendrick. In addition, stars Kelley Jakle and Brittany Snow will serve as Lana’s bridesmaids for the ceremony. It’s expected that this is the ceremony that will be filmed for the next season of Total Divas.

WWE Stars Rusev and Lana Planning To Hold Two Weddings

Screencap (Credit: WWE)

The second ceremony will be a far more private affair, as Rusev wanted to hold a separate wedding especially for his family in Bulgaria. The wedding will take place in September, and will be held in a thousand-year-old monastery in Bulgaria. It’s endearing to see the two embracing one another’s culture, with Rusev accepting a more Hollywood-style wedding in California, and Lana agreeing to traditional Bulgarian nuptials. At the risk of sounding like one of those fans who obsessively “ship” couples on TV shows, I’ve always loved seeing these two together.

All the best to Rusev and Lana, who seem like a genuinely happy couple, both on screen and off.

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