WWE Stars Rusev and Lana Are Engaged! (PHOTO)

Wedding bells are ringing for two WWE superstars!

Alexander Rusev, born Miroslav Barnyashev, has gotten engaged to his longtime girlfriend and former valet, Lana, born Catherine Joy Perry. The proposal was reportedly filmed at the pool in the backyard of the Nashville home they purchased together. Although the proposal took place last month, the couple is only now spreading the good news.

Of course, the irony of this is that Rusev and Lana are in the middle of a “bad breakup” storyline, as Lana dumped Rusev for acting like a brutish neanderthal towards her. In the aftermath, they both shacked up with other people: Lana with Dolph Ziggler (two-time world champion and Amy Schumer’s ex-boyfriend), and Rusev with Summer Rae (one of the stars of E! network’s Total Divas).

WWE Stars Rusev and Lana Are Engaged!

Credit: WWE

Rusev and Lana are engaged

Credit: TMZ

The storyline all came to a head last week when Summer Rae proposed to Rusev in the middle of the ring. Naturally, he accepted, adding a layer of “art imitates life” to this storyline. Currently, Lana is out with an injury, as Catherine Joy Perry injured her wrist while training, so it’s believed that the marriage storyline is a way to drag out the Rusev/Summer/Lana/Dolph angle until Lana is cleared to return. Either way, I’m anxious to see this story finally get put to bed. Hell, if WWE were smart, they’d find a way to reunite Rusev and Lana, since neither character has been as effective apart as they were together.

Regardless, congratulations to the happy couple! We wish them all the best for their future together!

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