WWE Stars Rusev and Lana Are Back In the Doghouse Over Airport Incident

It looks like WWE stars Rusev and Lana are once again back in the doghouse. This time, they’re catching heat backstage over an incident that occurred at an airport last week.

According to former WCW star Konnan, who relayed the story on Wednesday’s episode of MLW Radio, Lana made a scene at the airport by yelling at Rusev, drawing attention to the couple and generally embarrassing the company with a dramatic outburst. Although Rusev wasn’t the one doing the yelling, he’s still catching heat of his own for failing to stand up to her. In a lot of ways, it’s similar to how Vince McMahon was rumored to have lost respect for John Morrison a couple years ago for failing to keep girlfriend Melina in line, because apparently Vince leaves in the Stone Age, where women weren’t their own people. That said, Rusev probably could have found a better way to handle the situation, but we don’t know that he didn’t try to defuse things, perhaps by pleading with Lana to go somewhere more private to have their argument. I guess we just don’t know for sure, particularly since Konnan isn’t revealing his source for this rumor.

If nothing else, the rumor makes sense, since Rusev’s stock has plummeted in the past couple weeks, and Lana hardly even has much of a role on TV these days. Sometimes she comes to the ring with Rusev, sometimes she doesn’t. Sometimes she gets to cut a promo, sometimes she stands there with an awkward smile on her face while she gets made fun of by The Rock. Meanwhile, Rusev seems to serve no other purpose than to act as a warm body for Roman Reigns to mow down.

WWE Stars Rusev and Lana Are Back In the Doghouse Over Airport Incident

Credit: WWE

Of course, all this Lana drama dates back to her revealing her engagement to Rusev on social media in October, despite having an onscreen relationship with Dolph Ziggler that included a feud with Rusev. The powers-that-be didn’t appreciate her blowing up their storyline like that. Even though more people are smartened up to the business than ever before, kayfabe is still something management would like to protect, provided you’re not Stephanie McMahon going on Twitter and talking about playing a bad guy on TV. But then, the rules are different for McMahons, naturally.

It’s a shame to see Lana’s fall, particularly since she was one of the more interesting characters in WWE at this time last year. She was a strong woman in complete control of an unstoppable monster she could sic on anyone in the company. She was a strong heel who could cut solid, heat-generating promos. But her booking over the past year has turned her into a damsel-in-distress, and then an average heel valet who never speaks. Lana had been poised to be one of the top faces in the company, but it seems her moment has passed. It might not be too late for Rusev, but I doubt WWE is even thinking about pushing him right now. He’s basically just the heavy for the League of Nations, which isn’t a bad role, per se. But it’s a long fall from being locked in a Wrestlemania feud with John Cena.

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