Mean Tweets

WWE Stars Read Mean Tweets On 'Edge and Christian Show' (VIDEO)

It looks like Jimmy Kimmel Live isn't the only place where celebs read Mean Tweets, as several WWE stars appeared on The Edge and Christian Show That Totally Reeks of Awesomeness on the WWE Network last night to join in on the self-effacing fun.

Included in the video are WWE Superstars John Cena, The Big Show, Alberto Del Rio, Adam Rose, and ECW alum Tommy Dreamer (also, a confused Dean Ambrose. But then, when isn't he slightly confused?). It's a fun little segment, even though these tweets aren't as vicious as the ones you'd see on Kimmel. Still, that didn't stop some of the stars from having thin skin about it, although part of me feels the overreactions were mostly just an act. There's no way John Cena cares that much about someone ripping on his entrance theme. Anyway, I wouldn't mind seeing this type of thing again. Hell, if we're appropriating late night talk show bits, they might as well do a Lip Sync Battle or Carpool Karaoke at some point, just for kicks. You can watch the WWE Mean Tweets segment below:

WWE Stars Read Mean Tweets On 'Edge and Christian Show' (VIDEO)

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