WWE Stars Cesaro and Sin Cara Upset Over Promotional Posters

WWE is touring internationally pretty soon, and promotional posters have been released. However, Sin Cara and Cesaro are upset about their absence from the posters, particularly considering that the international tour dates feature stops in their respective home countries.

Cesaro tweeted his disappointment about the poster situation back on Friday, noting how ridiculous it is that a Swiss athlete couldn’t even “make it onto the poster for the show in your home country…#2swiss #2tearsinabucket.”

Honestly, it’s a pretty perplexing poster, since there’s no real sense of order to it. Universal champion Kevin Owens is way the hell in back, while Finn Balor is also on the poster, despite being on the injured list. I’m also wondering why Gallows and Anderson, of all people, are on the poster over more prominently featured guys like Chris Jericho, Rusev or even Sami Zayn. Granted, there’s a possibility those three won’t be on the tour at all, but it’d be strange for them to be somehow excluded.

WWE Stars Cesaro and Sin Cara Upset Over Promotional Posters

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For his part, Sin Cara tweeted some frustration of his own about these posters, in a statement that roughly translates to, “When I’m not even able to be on the poster for the show in my country.”

Of course, considering Sin Cara’s recent backstage fight with Chris Jericho, he should probably be glad to be on the show at all. The Jericho altercation was his third fight this year after confrontations with Sheamus and Simon Gotch. So he really ought to be dialing it back on public criticism of the company, although the same could probably be said for Cesaro. But then, knowing Vince McMahon, he might actually appreciate more outspoken stars.

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