WWE Star Titus O’Neil Suspended for Unprofessional Conduct

UPDATE: Titus O’Neil’s suspension has now been reduced to 60 days. Original story below.

WWE star Titus O’Neil has been suspended from the company for 90 days due to unprofessional conduct.

This stems from an incident caught on cameras during Daniel Bryan’s farewell on Monday Night Raw. The WWE roster and staff was assembled onstage to honor Bryan, and towards the end of the segment, O’Neil grabbed WWE chairman Vince McMahon in a “playful, physical way.” McMahon was infuriated at being grabbed in such a fashion and immediately shoved O’Neil away. This led to the former tag team champion’s suspension. You can check out a brief video of the incident below (WWE’s video of the segment had been taken down, presumably to edit out the O’Neil/McMahon incident):

With the suspension lasting 90 days, O’Neil will now miss Wrestlemania 32. While it’s unlikely he would have gotten a one-on-one match on the card, he probably would have been featured in the annual Andre the Giant Memorial Battle Royale. In essence, O’Neil will be missing out on the biggest paycheck of the year. And right in the middle of what’s been his biggest singles push in years. Before losing to Adam Rose on Monday Night Raw, O’Neil had not lost a one-on-one match since November. In between being prominently featured and scoring win after win, it seemed O’Neil was on his way to bigger things, particularly since he’s been a major P.R. asset to the company with all of his charity work with community outreach programs. Basically, this couldn’t have come at a worse time for O’Neil.

WWE Star Titus O'Neil Suspended for Unprofessional Conduct

Credit: WWE

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