WWE Star Sin Cara Involved In Bizarre Twitter Feud With Texas Restaurant

WWE star Sin Cara got involved in a bizarre Twitter feud with an El Paso restaurant following a disastrous experience on Saturday night. Of course, who’s responsible for this disastrous experience depends on whose side of the story you believe. And there are definitely two sides here.

In the Twitter exchange between Sin Cara and the Mesa Street Grill in El Paso, Texas, the WWE star claims the restaurant offered him awful service due to his appearance. However, the restaurant account quickly retorted by explaining that Sin Cara “threw a fit” when he couldn’t get a table for his party of ten. The account would go on to claim that a video exists of the incident. The situation quickly escalated to the point where the two parties were essentially engaged in a childish back-and-forth on social media, with no one coming out looking any better for having participated in the first place, between the Mesa Street Grill account referring to Sin Cara as “some actor”, and Sin Cara continuing on about the “terrible service” his party received. However, things kind of take a turn when a fan asks the Mesa Street Grill account to produce the video of the alleged incident. This would have helped clarify just what Sin Cara meant when he stated the restaurant mistreated him due to his appearance, since he didn’t explain if it was a matter of racial profiling, an issue with his tattoos, or perhaps something to do with showing up in wrestling gear (although it doesn’t strike me as something he’d do. I mean, how is he even supposed to eat through that Sin Cara mask?). Ultimately, the Mesa Street Grill refused to post the video, stating they “respect the luchador”, making this back-and-forth feud all the stranger. The Mesa Street Grill then issued a charity challenge to Sin Cara — a challenge which has, so far, been unanswered. You can check out images of the tweets below:

WWE Star Sin Cara Involved In Twitter Feud With Restaurant Owner

Sin Cara vs Restaurant Part 2

Sin Cara vs Restaurant Part 3

Sin Cara vs Restaurant Part 4

Sin Cara vs Restaurant Part 5

Sin Cara Twitter feud with restaurant

Credit: WWE

What do you think of this entire situation? Is either side in the right, or is this feud a bad look for everyone involved? Sound off in the comments!

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