WWE Star Roman Reigns Strikes Back Against Fan Criticism on Twitter

WWE United States champion Roman Reigns has been one of the more controversial figures in the company, in terms of fan response. Plenty of fans online just don’t like Reigns. Hell, a lot of fans in attendance feel the same way.

However, Reigns is striking back against criticism and, to his credit, keeping up kayfabe in the process. Reigns responded to some criticisms against him from fans on Twitter, striking back against the notion that he isn’t as good as WWE champion AJ Styles — all while remaining in character:

WWE Star Roman Reigns Strikes Back Against Fan Criticism on Twitter

Source: YouTube

The fan then poked fun at Reigns’s Wellness Policy violation from this past summer, prompting the champ to respond by encouraging him to come to a live event to experience his crowd reactions in person:

Reigns then responded to another fan, who criticized, of all things, how he holds the United States title belt:

While you could argue it probably isn’t that smart to go in on fans on social media, Reigns wisely kept it in-character. And, honestly, this is the kind of thing Reigns should be doing on TV, injecting more of his own personality into the character. Playing into the frustration with his fan reactions could have the benefit of making Reigns a bit more interesting, because his promos would be coming from an honest place. Of course, I don’t think WWE really sees any problem with how Reigns is booked or presented, considering he’s getting the next Universal title shot against Kevin Owens at Roadblock next month.

What do you think? Does the Roman Reigns character need a different direction? Or is he fine as he is? Sound off in the comments!

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