WWE Star Randy Orton Gets Into Twitter Argument Over American Flag

WWE star Randy Orton is usually a very reserved person who doesn’t tend to get too public or controversial with his opinions. But he took the opportunity to weigh in on the controversy surrounding a North Carolina teacher who was suspended for stomping on an American flag as part of a history lesson. As it turns out, his opinions got him into a bit of a Twitter argument with one follower.

Basically, when Randy suggests that the teacher should have been fired rather than suspended, another user implied Randy was overreacting, stating it’s “just a flag”. This set the former WWE champion off, and what followed was an argument that eventually led to “The Viper” making the case that American lives matter, regardless of skin color. Check it out below:

WWE Star Randy Orton Gets Into Twitter Argument Over American Flag

Source: YouTube

I imagine this will be a passionate subject for a lot of people. On the one hand, you could make the argument that the flag is just cloth. And yet, for many, it’s not really about the flag so much as what it represents. There are people who have lost their lives fighting under that banner, and the implication is that disrespecting the flag is disrespecting those who fought to protect the values it stands for. I can’t really make a judgment on which opinion is right and which is wrong, except to say that everyone is entitled to his or her view on this, of course. Hell, Randy himself was catching all sorts of grief for this in the replies on Twitter, with some fans calling him out for abandoning his duty as a Marine in his youth. I think Randy has grown a lot since those days, and I’d like to think he’d do things differently if he had the chance. But you never know.

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