WWE Star Paige Proposes to Alberto Del Rio In Ring, Father Condemns Engagement

Currently suspended WWE star Paige made an appearance at WWC Aniversario 43 in Puerto Rico over the weekend. There, she proposed to her boyfriend, former WWE star Alberto Del Rio, in the middle of the ring.

The moment took place after Del Rio’s match, as Paige entered the ring and proposed. Del Rio pulled her close and whispered something in her ear, and followed it up with a kiss. S we’re assuming Del Rio said yes, not that we could have heard the answer anyway, considering the entire arena was ringing with chants of “Si! Si! Si!” That said, it was an endearing little moment for a couple that not a lot of people in the business seem too happy about. But more on that in a bit. First, you can watch the proposal video and Paige’s post-proposal backstage reaction below:

WWE Star Paige Proposes to Alberto Del Rio In Ring, Father Condemns Engagement

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Now, about the objections to the relationship: as it turns out, Paige’s father isn’t the least bit happy about this. Her father, British independent wrestler Ricky Knight, straight-up condemned his daughter’s relationship in a post to Facebook. The post has since been deleted, but it read:

“Putting this out there then saying no more about it to anyone. I am totally against my daughter marrying that man statement over”

I’m not exactly sure why Paige’s father is against the relationship, but perhaps he attributes her career troubles to Del Rio. While Paige has always been outspoken, both in the ring and backstage, she hasn’t really had significant problems with management until her relationship with Del Rio really started to take off. She was suspended for her first Wellness Policy violation on the same day as Del Rio, leading to speculation that the couple had been popped for the same substance. This, coupled with rumors that WWE was trying like hell to break the couple up, gave the impression that Paige would likely have to choose between her career and her relationship. Judging by her recent second Wellness Policy violation, and her attack against the company on social media, which prompted a swift and scathing response from WWE, it seems she’s chosen Del Rio. But hey, if she really loves the guy, and he loves her, then more power to them. I just don’t see either returning to WWE though.

On the one hand, it’d be a shame to lose Paige, considering that both the Raw and Smackdown women’s divisions could use more depth. On the other hand, Paige is still nursing a neck injury that could keep her out as long as another seven months, so it’s not as if she’d be in a position to help out right now anyway. And by the time she’s cleared to wrestle again, WWE might have called up any number of women to the main roster from NXT to fill the void. I guess the other issue is that, now that Del Rio is gone from the company, Paige doesn’t seem to really want to be there anymore. If she did, I don’t think she’d have lashed out at WWE on social media like that. A guy like Roman Reigns gets popped for a Wellness violation, and he quietly does his time so he can hurry up and get back without causing a fuss. But Paige followed up her Wellness violation by getting slapped with another one. Even if her violation was for a legitimate substance, which WWE insists it wasn’t, you’d think Paige would have done due diligence to make sure she wasn’t flagged unnecessarily. This whole situation is kind of a mess.

But congratulations to the couple. Hopefully, their happiness together outweighs whatever they could have found in WWE.

What do you think of the engagement of Alberto Del Rio and Paige? Sound off in the comments!

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