WWE Star Paige Lashes Out At Company In Cryptic Tweet

WWE star Paige is finally off suspension for her second Wellness Policy violation in just six months. However, she doesn’t exactly seem thrilled about it.

In a cryptic tweet that she has since deleted, Paige lashed out at WWE for stifling her career over issues she claims aren’t her fault, in so many words.

“When you do nothing wrong but things still bite you in ass for no reason. Always fun haha,” the tweet read. It was initially posted on December 7th, before being quickly taken down.

It’s expected that Paige will be back on the road as part of the cast for Total Divas on E!, since she isn’t medically cleared to return to the ring from her neck injury just yet. She recently had surgery for the injury in October, so it’s unlikely she’s going to be back any time soon.

WWE Star Paige Lashes Out At Company In Cryptic Tweet

Source: YouTube

With that said, it’s kind of hard to imagine the company would put her back into a top position in the women’s division even if she were healthy enough to compete, considering this isn’t the first time Paige has lashed out at WWE on social media. In fact, her last rant was so incendiary that the company was forced to respond and publicly bury her over her drug test failure, which they pretty much never do.

Of course, I have to admit that this is all largely speculation on my part. We don’t know for sure that Paige’s tweet was about WWE. For all anyone knows, she deleted it so it wouldn’t be misinterpreted as being about WWE. But there’s a pretty clear pattern with Paige, especially with regards to her openness to criticizing WWE. So it wouldn’t be that shocking to discover she really was lashing out at WWE here, nor would it be too surprising to find that her time in WWE is winding down.

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