WWE Star John Cena Sings ‘Hello’ With Troye Sivan on The Tonight Show (VIDEO)

John Cena is doing a bit promotional tour for his new movie, Sisters, in which he plays a drug dealer alongside stars Tina Fey and Amy Poehler. In promoting the new film, the 15-time WWE World Heavyweight Champion decided to get in touch with his “inner child” in a segment that’s pretty damn hilarious.

In short, Cena recounted his first love as a boy, before reuniting with his inner child, played by singer Troye Sivan. In the process, he ends up singing his own version of “Hello” by Adele, complete with wrong lyrics and questionable pitch (to be polite). However, in order to become a man, he must destroy the child within, and so he ends up delivering his finishing move, The Attitude Adjustment, to Sivan. Well, to a mannequin dressed like Sivan, anyway (which actually makes this about a thousand times funnier). Cena really has great comedic timing, and I think he could have a big career outside of WWE, should he ever decide to step away from the company — even though he’d risk being a bit of a hypocrite for calling out The Rock a few years ago for having done the same thing. Regardless, I’m not complaining about this. I’m loving seeing the guy prove successful in Hollywood. Watch the full video below:

WWE Star John Cena Sings 'Hello' With Troye Sivan on The Tonight Show (VIDEO)

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And for more on Cena’s role in Sisters, watch him go into detail about the role on Today!

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