WWE Star John Cena Posts Cryptic Message About Recovery

Could John Cena return from injury in time for Wrestlemania 32?

Speculation is running rampant since Cena posted a cryptic message about his recovery on Twitter this morning. Cena has been undergoing intensive physical therapy for the past month ever since his shoulder surgery on January 7. Four days ago, he posted a video showing his recovery so far. At the very least, he has some range of motion in his shoulder, although it’s clear he has a ways to go before he’s ring-ready again. Yet, depending on how much you want to read into this, the Twitter post makes it seem like Cena could potentially be back sooner than planned:

WWE Star John Cena Posts Cryptic Message About Recovery

Credit: Muscle and Fitness Magazine

If nothing else, I think it’s the #LaceUp hashtag that’s fueling the rumor mill, since it suggests he could be lacing up his boots soon (well, figuratively. He wears sneakers in the ring). Honestly, for all the flack the guy gets for how he’s booked, I’d love to have Cena back for Wrestlemania this year. He has a little under a month and a half to make it happen, but the man has pulled off some insane recovery times before. That said, it’s best for him not to rush this. He’s one of the best in-ring performers WWE has (no, seriously), and I’d rather have him healthy than hasty.

What do you think? Is Cena hinting at an imminent return? Or is this a bunch of wishful thinking? Sound off in the comments!

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