WWE Star John Cena Plays Mr. July, Parodies Hulk Hogan on ‘Maya & Marty’ (VIDEO)

WWE star John Cena was the latest guest on the newest NBC sketch comedy series, Maya & Marty. Cena appeared in two sketches, one playing on his sex appeal, and the other playing on his pro wrestling background. And they were both pretty funny, to be honest.

In the first sketch, Cena plays the presumptive Mr. July, a fireman who refuses to believe he’s perfect for the gig on the beefcake calendar. The second is a pretty hilarious parody of Hulk Hogan vs. Gawker lawsuit, as Cena dresses up like the Hulkster to audition for the role for a true crime series based on the case — in a screen test that includes impressions of famous 90s actors such as Rosie Perez, Cuba Gooding Jr., James Van Der Beek and David Schwimmer. The other impressions are a bit tired, but Cena is easily the best part of the sketch, between his Hulk impersonation and his constant exasperation with everything happening around him. The man could probably be a big movie star if he ever left WWE. You can watch the videos below:

WWE Star John Cena Plays Mr. July, Parodies Hulk Hogan on 'Maya & Marty' (VIDEO)

Source: YouTube

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