WWE Star John Cena Is Front-and-Center in ‘American Grit’ First Look (VIDEO)

WWE star John Cena is heading to network television as host of a new, 10-episode reality series titled American Grit. The show offers a look into what it takes to be an elite member of the U.S. military.

Of course, it’s also a competitive reality series, as teams are assisted by four military mentors. Eight men and eight women are split into four separate teams, and will be made to compete in a series of “Evolutions,” which is the Navy SEAL term for a difficult challenge. If a team fails a challenge, they must go to a stage called The Circus, which features countless obstacles based on real military training courses, culminating with an endurance challenge at the end. Instead of being voted out, a contestant can only be eliminated when a contestant admits to himself and his fellow contestants that he (or she) can no longer continue. They must then, in true Navy SEAL fashion, ring a giant bell that signals their inability to complete the training. The winning team can earn up to a million dollars as a grand prize: $250,000 per person. If you lose a team member, the monetary prize increases for the remaining team members, but the challenge increases, naturally. It’s a fascinating premise for a reality show, and while you could probably argue there are more appropriate people to host it than John Cena (I mean, he basically just played a marine in a movie), his deep and abiding respect for the military is exactly what’s needed for a show like this. Check out the full video preview below:

WWE Star John Cena Is Front-and-Center in 'American Grit' First Look (VIDEO)

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