John Cena

WWE Star John Cena Discusses If Hot Dogs Are A Sandwich on 'Today' (VIDEO)

Well, this is kind of silly. Ahead of his return to in-ring competition on tonight's episode of Monday Night Raw, WWE star John Cena co-hosted Today and promptly took part in a discussion about whether or not hot dogs count as a sandwich.

It's one of the more ridiculous segments Cena has taken part in, but it's also kind of charming. Cena is a natural at morning talk show hosting, and he gets the chance to show it here, between the talk of hot dogs as sandwiches, tacos as a delicacy, and the value of learning how to booty-pop. No, seriously, Fifth Harmony actually helps teach Cena how to dance, and he's completely game with being made to look ridiculous. That sense of humor about himself is why Cena could have a big career outside WWE if he were to ever choose to leave. I don't always love how the guy is booked on WWE programming, but John Cena is immensely likable outside the ring. You can watch the videos below:

WWE Star John Cena Discusses If Hot Dogs Are A Sandwich on 'Today' (VIDEO)

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