WWE Star Hideo Itami Out of Action For Two Months

Hideo Itami only recently returned to WWE NXT after an injury kept him sidelined for one year. However, in a house show tag team match, Itami suffered a neck injury after taking a slam from Riddick Moss. The initial concern was that Itami could be looking at surgery, which would put him out another half-year at the minimum. But the news is, thankfully, a bit more optimistic.

In the latest Wrestling Observer newsletter, Dave Meltzer reported that Itami is not expected to be out for as long as initially feared. In fact, he could be back in time for January, which ought to be around the time for another NXT TakeOver special.

WWE Star Hideo Itami Out of Action For Two Months

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“Hideo Itami is looking right now like he’ll be out of action for about two months from the neck injury when Riddick Moss dropped him on his head with a twisting powerslam off the ropes. That’s good news because with surgery he’d be looking at another six plus months off”

It’s been a tough road for Itami, to the point where I wonder what the point of even having him in NXT is. He really shouldn’t be working with green guys like Moss at all, especially considering he has so much mileage already. WWE should be trying to get the most value out of Itami, and not have him waste some of his best years in the developmental brand. Then again, I’m not entirely sure WWE would do any more with him on the main roster than they’ve done with other NXT standouts like Neville, Apollo Crews, Tyler Breeze and even a guy like Baron Corbin. Hopefully, Itami at least gets a shot on the main roster, at some point.

But what do you think? Should Itami be fast-tracked up to the main roster, or do you want to see him continue to work with some of the guys in NXT like Roode, Joe, Aries and others? Which brand should he join if he goes to the main roster? Sound off in the comments!

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