WWE Star Enzo Amore Diagnosed With Concussion

WWE star Enzo Amore has been diagnosed with a concussion following a blown spot at WWE Payback last night. Although his concussion is considered to be serious, all of the other tests came back negative, so while concussions are definitely nothing to be happy about, this could have gone a whole lot worse.

Enzo was reportedly in good spirits following the pay-per-view. Not only was he able to communicate with the medical professionals once he regained consciousness, he was able to move his extremities as well. He even remembered everything from before the match. Kevin Owens tweeted a picture from the hospital to update fans on Enzo’s condition, and the wrestler was discharged from the hospital before the pay-per-view even ended.

WWE Star Enzo Amore Diagnosed With Concussion

Credit: WWE

For those who missed the show, the injury was the result of a pretty scary spot during the tag team opener between Enzo/Big Cass and The Vaudevillains. Simon Gotch grabbed Enzo and threw him out of the ring by sliding him beneath the bottom rope, but Enzo’s face hit the rope, knocking his head backwards onto the ring apron, which knocked him out cold. The referee stopped the match while the medical professionals loaded him onto a stretcher and took him to the back. While it might sound grim to say so, a concussion is among the better scenarios here, as the injury could have been much more severe. Hell, we’re not even a year removed from the death of lucha libre legend Perro Aguayo Jr., who died as a result of a mishap in which he similarly hit the ropes at a bad angle. Instances like this are proof enough of the sort of dangers these men face every night, and how even the most experienced vets can have terrifying close calls.

No word on how long Enzo will be on the shelf, since recovery time on concussions are on a case-by-case basis. He’ll have to pass the ImPACT concussion tests first in order to be cleared to return, and that could take weeks, or even months. It’s a shame, since Enzo and Big Cass were building a lot of momentum these past few weeks. That said, Enzo is such a great talker that I think he’ll be able to get the ball rolling again once he’s cleared to return. Either way, we wish Enzo a complete and speedy recovery.

If you missed last night’s Payback show, get the full results right here!

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