WWE Star Daniel Bryan Says He’d Wrestle Again If He Wasn’t Married

WWE star Daniel Bryan had to retire earlier this year when he learned, after visiting several doctors, that he had a subacute lesion on his brain. However, prior to the EEG reflex test that revealed the lesion, Bryan had been cleared by multiple medical professionals. So it’s not surprising to learn that Bryan would likely still be out there wrestling, if it were up to him.

However, as Bryan revealed in an interview with, it’s not really up to him anymore, since he now has a wife (former WWE star Brie Bella). Together, they’re trying to have children, and if he’s going to be around to see his kids grow up, he needs to remain healthy. Granted, this didn’t prevent Bryan from offering a little “What if?” scenario about what he’d do if he were a single man whose WWE contract had expired:

“It’s a very complex issue,” Bryan said. “If I was on my own, if I wasn’t married, I would be like ‘Yeah, when my contract is up, I’m gone.’ Hell, I might even be wearing a mask at an independent show next week dressed up as Star Man, Because it’s what I love to do. But, it becomes different when you have a wife and you’re trying to have kids.”

While not being able to wrestle is tearing Bryan up, it seems clear that his priorities are in a different place now, and he’s taking the unselfish route. No matter how many doctors had previously cleared him, the presence of the lesion on his brain was just too serious to ignore. He’s suffered a lot of concussions over the year with his aggressive, impactful style, and he even struggled with post-concussion seizures. Frankly, while I miss seeing Bryan perform in the ring, I would rather not see him risk his health like that again. And I don’t imagine WWE would ever take the liability risk, even if it does seem as though they’re building up a feud between Bryan and The Miz. That said, Bryan has had a hell of a career, and I’m hoping he’s able to eventually move past the heartache of no longer being able to wrestle.

WWE Star Daniel Bryan Says He'd Wrestle Again If He Wasn't Married

Source: YouTube

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