WWE Star Braun Strowman Is On Tinder, And He’s Looking For Love

WWE can be a difficult environment to find a decent relationship, considering rosters are being shuffled and schedules can cause couples to be separated. (Hell, ask Alberto Del Rio and Paige) So why not use an online dating app to try and find a mate?

One redditor discovered that current monster heel Braun Strowman, born Adam Scherr, is actually on Tinder. His profile proudly declares that he’s a 6’8″, 375 lb. country boy who “likes lifting weights and eating steaks”. His photo features Strowman sitting in a creek, and showing off the muscles that earned him his current main event push. I don’t know enough to tell if Braun is someone the ladies will be into, but hey, even former members of The Wyatt Family deserve love!

WWE Star Braun Strowman Is On Tinder, And He's Looking For Love

Source: Tinder

Of course, it’s entirely possible this is just someone catfishing everybody. But then why choose Braun Strowman out of all the possible people you could pretend to be? Ah well, some mysteries might be better left unsolved.

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