WWE Star Bo Dallas Arrested Following Airport Altercation

Just months after his stablemate Adam Rose was released from WWE following legal and disciplinary issues, Bo Dallas is facing legal troubles of his own, as the third-generation star was arrested in relation to an altercation that took place this weekend at an airport in Dallas, Texas.

According to the police report, Bo was arrested for public intoxication after being removed from a flight to Puebla, Mexico for a WWE event. Apparently, Bo’s flight was delayed, so he lounged at the bar with WWE Women’s champion Charlotte and Smackdown tag team The Usos. Over time, Bo became drunk and started singing a song from The Lion King (no, seriously). Later, when he was escorted off the flight due to his condition, Bo told the airline crew to “f*** themselves”.

WWE Star Bo Dallas Arrested Following Airport Altercation

Source: YouTube

Police later arrived on the scene to find Bo slumped over at a gate that was nearly six gates away from where he’d been removed. The police report states Bo “demonstrated very poor dexterity” when confronted, although he insisted to officers that he was “not really planning on driving tonight” after being questioned regarding how much he’d had to drink. Still, the police judged that Bo was “intoxicated to the point he was a danger to himself and others.” So they placed him under arrest.

The misdemeanor charge could carry a fine of up to $500, which is likely less than the kind of damage he’ll incur from WWE if he gets released over this. After all, this is his second alcohol-related incident since signing with the company, as he was arrested for a DUI in 2012. Granted, despite that incident, WWE still put the NXT title on him for nearly a year. I guess it depends on if WWE feels this is going to be a recurring problem with Bo, or if they feel like he’s learned his lesson this time.

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